I Feel So Adult-ish...

...And Grown Up.

So, when The Boyfriend decided that my finances were in total shambles he thought it was time to make a plan, take action on my frivolous spending. To which I was supposed to pay off my BestBuy credit card within a month and 1/2. I succeeded. It felt gooooood. 6 Os type of gooooood. For two months I left that baby uncharged, unused, abandoned in The Boyfriend's locked box (even though you can use it without having the actual card on you, which technically defeats the whole purpose of locking that sucker up... err, least it saves wallet space).


Yesterday, I spontaneously bought a new laptop.

I've been needing an upgrade for a while. My old one is big, bulky, heavy... and it hurts my back. So far so good with the new one. =]

In unrelated news: The Wifey came to visit two weekends in a roll with the kids. I loved it. God son Landon's 3rd birthday party on Saturday (04/04/09)... his actual birthday following on Tuesday. Happy Birthday baby! (04/07/09) Thuy's Sangria's were the shit. Very yum. (I cut up the fresh fruits pretty nicely, if I do say so myself haha.


School Sucks...

...And Is Fully Kicking My Ass.

That explains why I haven't touch my blog in a while. Work and classes combined = no fun. I'm taking writing 260, english 122, japanese 121, and photography 101. I wish my credits had transfered.

Procrastination is my master, and I am it's bitch. Currently at the MSU library to do homework and study. And yet here I am touching base with my blog.

To Do List:
1.) 5 Lighting pictures for PHOT101
2.) 1 Analytical paper for ENGL122
3.) Read 2 short stories for ENGL122
4.) Read chapters and poems for WRIT260
5.) Study for communications quiz in JAPN121


Meow , Purred the Kitty Cat...

...Just Cause She Could.

So, the day where all the world can dress like whores without judgement has came and passed. Isn't it a wonderful thing? For all the feminism that has came (and sometimes went) and all the strides and changes that women have went through. The rights we've achieved... so on and so forth... yadi yadi ya... Most of us still choose to let loose and let our inner sluts loose on Halloween.

Yup, I was one.

But! Not as slutty as I used to. This year I was a kitty cat, with more than 80% of my flesh covered up. As can be seen in the picture, I did good! Big whoop for growing up! Life is good, I guess? The Wifey came down too, it was a good time =D

On another note. I'm going to start taking pictures of my daily outfits (if and when I decide to not be lazy and actually dress up) to post up on here. Good idea? Maybe? =) Please feel free to comment so I know if I'm walking the streets dressed as a fool (or not!) I'm currently in love with the grandma/geek frumpy look. Oh so comfortable and not too shabby on the wallet either. My two favorite things combined, loves it!

On another, nother, note. I voted!

Hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!

Be well Loves!


Decision 08, Lets Vote Right...

Cause your vote COUNTS!

//!!WARNING!!// Venting ahead. Continue at your own risk!

Register to Vote: Rock the Vote, powered by Credo Mobile

As I'm watching the Presidential debates that are playing on television right now, I'm left wondering if people my age are going to vote, and if they are, if they're going to vote RIGHT. Whether or not they'll do research before they vote, or just be ignorant and vote one way just because they 'claim' to be Republican or Democratic and everything in between.

I want to have faith in my country and the people living in it. I want to believe that we are the best (cause everyone knows America claims to be better than everyone else) because we want to help everyone living in our country. Not just the rich. I've been in the middle class or even less since the day I was born. The majority of the country are middle class, yet in the current state, the rich get richer, and the poor just continue to get poorer, no matter what they try to do.

Our country currently has a $430 billion deficit!!!!!! That should be concerning people right now. How is the middle class supposed to help pump much needed money into our economy when they don't have any extra resources just laying around?

Doesn't this concern anyone?!?!?!

Cause it sure as heck concerns me! I'm only 22 and I worry daily about my financial state. I stress about how I don't have insurance to cover ultrasounds and office visits for the lump in my tata (the first one alone cost me $100+ out of pocket) because I'm a full time student working part time. My hair is thinning because I stress too much about everything!

I want change and I don't any more of what's been happening to America to continue for another four years. I don't want my choices taken away from me because someone else 'believes' it's wrong solely because it goes against their religion and morals. Church and state is separate, please keep it that way.

If you don't want to vote for Obama just because he's African American or Muslim than shove your racist self where the sun don't shine. Sorry, but I don't want to vote for someone who chooses a female running partner only to fish for votes. (It shows how low you'd go just to win) We all know that Palin wouldn't have been chosen if Obama had chosen Hillery. It isn't about winning here, it's about making our country better.

So I am URGING those in my generation to PLEASE look into the candidates and to choose someone who will bring hope to Americans. Check out RockTheVote for information.

//!!END of rant!!//

So... The Boyfriend comes home from the library and tells me his friends are going to the titty bar tonight.

"Ok? So you want to go?" Is my response. Cause why else would he tell me this, right? I'm a laid back chick, I don't care if he goes. I just don't want him to go and blow all his hard earned money there. Cause we're BROKE hahahaha... duh!

Off he went... leaving me to a night of chick flicks and chocolate. No wine since we live with The Parole Officers (i.e, his parents) and they might say something if I'm sipping on some alcohol by myself.


My picks for tonight :

Sex & the City, and if I have time, The Princess Bride.

So until the next post,
Be safe loves!


What's the motivation?!?

...To get out of bed each and every day?!?

I don't know about any of you, but some days it's a struggle just to lift the blankets! Is it really necessary to need a reason to get up? Whether it's to make rent, because you want those gorgeous shoes, or to feed your family, why can't we just get up for no other reason but to be happy?

Wouldn't it be nice?!?

To get up just because you want to and because it makes you happy? If only life were so carefree! But I know, like everyone else knows, that it isn't and you've got to do what you've got to do to make things happen. Like getting up every day and going to work, class or to take care of your household.


I believe in doing things for happiness, not just money (well maybe not money all the time). My motivation to get up everyday is so that in the near future I can consecutively wake up feeling happy and fulfilled. Instead of dreading it because I'm stuck at a job that I passionately hate or in a situation that I can't get out of.


Moving on from Emo mode...

The Boyfriend was awesome. Being that I am an ultimate Sex & the City fan... and that we both work at Best Buy, he bought me the movie on Tuesday when it came out!!!
(insert ridiculous squealing and giggles) The special tin collector's edition! (Which was sold out when I came back to pick him up) *ahem* I'm ok now.

Now I've got to get ready to go pick up the police report (that's a story for later lol) and class!

This weeks PostSecret Faves :

LOL! I still LOVE seafood! Crawfish!

I miss my Baby Fox! =(

Be well loves!

Pictures taken from thecia.com and postsecret